Westone AM Pro 10 Single-Driver In-Ear Monitors 單平衡電樞入耳式監聽耳機

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The clear/black Westone AM Pro 10 Single-Driver Universal Ambient-Port In-Ear Monitors are designed for professional stage-monitoring applications and feature Westone's exclusive SLED technology, which incorporates an ambient port that allows performers to hear and feel the energy and input from the audience, fellow performers, and their stage surroundings.

The AM Pro 10 utilizes a single full-range balanced-armature driver to deliver a frequency response of 20 Hz to 16 kHz at a sensitivity of 114 dB SPL at 1mW into a 25-Ohm load. The included eartips are designed for comfort with up to 12 dB of noise reduction, while the replaceable cable is designed to fit over your ears to help reduce micro-phonics and secure the earphones in place. The AM Pro 10 ships with 5 sets of Star Silicone eartips, 5 sets of True-Foam eartips, a mini-monitor vault, and a cleaning tool. The earphones are handcrafted in Colorado Springs by Westone's team of artisans and lab technicians.

  • Balanced-Armature Driver: Proprietary design produces the most accurate and detailed sound in the world
  • Acoustic Symmetry: Left and right earpiece responses are matched to a +/- 3 dB tolerance
  • Proprietary SLED Technology: Combines passive ambient sound with the monitor mix
  • True-Fit Technology: Low-profile and ergonomic design allows all-day use with no ear fatigue

Westone AM Pro Technology

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類別 Type 平衡電樞式 Single balanced armature driver
單元直徑 Driver Diameter
驅動單元 Magnet
頻率響應 Frequency Response 20 Hz ~ 16,000 Hz
靈敏度 Sensitivity 114 dB SPL @ 1 mW
隔音效果 Passive Noise Attenuation 12 dB
最大承受功率 Max. Input Power
阻抗 Impedance 25 ohms @ 1 kHz
導綫 Cable 50.0" / 128 cm 
重量 Weight 12.7g
插頭 Connector MMCX Audio
隨機附件 Accessories Carrying Case, Cleaning Tool, Replacement Ear Tips
顏色 Colour Clear/Black
保養 Warranty 2 years
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What We Do
Established in 1959, Westone Laboratories has more than 55 years of experience delivering premium in-ear solutions for critical listening applications. Westone is the largest manufacturer of custom ear pieces in the world and was the first to design and manufacture a balanced armature driver earphone. With hearing healthcare and music specialists on our research and production teams, Westone invented the most ergonomic monitor design which provides the most comfortable, best fitting and quietest earphones on the market. The largest names in music turn to Westone in-ear monitors for on-stage use, just as U.S. Air Force fighter pilots depend on Westone’s ACCES® in-ear communications system for mission-critical noise isolation, hearing protection and two-way communication. It is our experience, our products, and our people that make Westone The In-Ear Experts®.

Where We Are
Westone’s headquarters are located in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado. This is where you’ll find our manufacturing facilities, our research and development team, our technical service representatives, and all warehousing, shipping and administrative functions.